42nd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 14–16 April 2023
Authentic Folk Music from Moldva, Gyimes and Rajasthan
Liszt Academy Concert Centre – Solti Hall, 6 February 2020

kerenyi robert

Róbert Kerényi is an emblematic figure of the second wave of the dance house movement. During this time, in the mid-1980s, public attention shied away from Transylvanian string music and towards the music traditions of Hungarians from the Gyimes and Moldavia. Szigony’s ascetic lifestyle, his folk music collecting trips, on-stage performances, the incredibly meticulous processing of musical material, and the bacon and onions always held in reserve in his backpack are (rightly so) the stuff of legend. For this recital, he takes the stage with artist friends and musicians famed in the genre. The concert is not edited in the traditional sense but is composed of rather lengthy and improvized musical processes performed with a high degree of freedom. As well as Moldavian and Gyimes dances, we can hear interesting melodic parallels from Rajasthan.

Playing the Tilinkó – Havajgatás
Szigony's Ballade
Cobza Solo, Hóra with fuhun
Grievous Dance from Gyimes, Slow Hungarian Dance, Czardas


Playing the Kaval: Doina, Moldavian Grievous Song, Édes Gergelem, Öves
Double Dance from Gyimes, Grievous Dance, Czardas, Héjsza
Melodies from Moldavia and Rajastan
Kezes and Szerba

Róbert Kerényi Harpoon (recorder, kaval, overtone flute), Mihály Dresch (recorder, fuhun), Mária Petrás, Judit Ábrahám (vocals), Gabriella Tintér (vocals, gardon), Csaba Sófalvi Kiss (recorder, kaval), László Nyíri (violin), László Szlama (cobza), Ágoston Félix Benke (drums, jaw harp,overtone flute, leave whistle)

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