43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
Fonó, 2 June 2018
International Dance-house Marathon
During the dance festival, the audience will be given the chance to learn the dances of five nations by applying the Hungarian dance-house method.
The Czech Republic will be represented by the members of the Demižón folk dance ensemble, who will teach Moravian dances. The basis of the dulcimer ensemble's repertoire consists of songs and dances from Strážnice.
From Slovakia, Lipa Slovak Folk Dancers will arrive and teach dances specific to eastern Slovakia and the regions of Békés, Pilis and Hegyköz. Wedding dances from the village of Cífer will be also laid out.
The Bulgarians will perform the horo, that is, a circle dance, in which the participants cling to each other by holding each other's hands.
The Maramureș Students' Group of the University of Cluj-Napoca, representing Romania, will interpret traditional Maramureș dances. The music will be presented by the Petreuș family, a peasant family playing and singing Romanian traditional folk music from Maramureș.
Hungarian folk music and folk dance education will be provided by dancers and musicians of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.

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