43rd National Táncház Festival & Fair • 5–7 April 2024
Cimbalom Brothers has been founded this year by two accomplished cimbalom players who perform a sensational cimbalom duo on stage.

Balázs Unger and Jenő Lisztes do not only bring their outstanding knowledge of the instrument to the show but their own musician brothers who support the concert with their excellent performance. Jenő Lisztes has been touring all over the world with Roby Lakatos in the past 10 years dazzling his audience with his virtuoso cimbalom solos blending jazz in traditional Hungarian gipsy music. As for Balázs Unger, he is well known and respected in the world of world music as the band leader of Cimbaliband. A journalist once gave the title ‘The Chuck Berry of Cimbalom’ to him because of his bravura performance and memorable presence on stage. His brother, Gergő Unger plays the guitar and two traditional Hungarian string instruments: koboz and tambura to create a real authentic sound. While Jenő’s brother, László Lisztes complete the show with playing double bass of traditional Hungarian gipsy music as well as Balkan melodies from the south. An unforgettable and unique musical experience introducing two famous Hungarian musician families that have one destiny: show the world how charming cimbalom music is.

cimbalombrothers cover

Jenő Lisztes - cimbalom
Balázs Unger - cimbalom
Gergő Unger - guitar, koboz, tambura
László Lisztes - double bass, basszusgitár

1. Djangodance
2. Virradat
3. Csárdás
4. Dobrudzha Echo
5. Transylmania
6. Tiszán innen
7. Hora lui lonica
8. Maros partján
9. Rácz Aladár emlékére
10. Karsilama
11. Hanság
12. Jumppara

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